Márcia Moreira and Filipe Costa
- B.Orange Marketing and Communication Solutions

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    B.Orange Marketing and Communication Solutions

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    Marques Soares Colecção Outono/Inverno 2012-2013

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    Marques Soares Colecção Primavera/Verão 2012

"João Queirós has a set of remarkable human qualities and technical skills that define him as an excellent professional and an unique human being, characterized by his competence, dedication and commitment."
B.Orange - Marketing and Communications Solutions

"João is an unique professional, dedicated, with a high sense of commitment. Creativity and curiosity are two characteristics that define him as a designer. Personally, I say that it is with great pleasure and pride that I share his new project."
B.Orange - Marketing and Communications Solutions

Isabel Teixeira
- LetraZen Comunicação

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    LetraZen Comunicação

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    Viagem Pelo Mundo da Anestesiologia | Dia Mundial da Anestesiologia

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    Nova Era Beach Party 2010

"I had the opportunity and privilege to have worked with João Queirós, a professional that I deserve the utmost respect and admiration for its unusual ability to work, talent, expertise, great sense of responsibility and dedication to complete all the projects developed.

The enthusiastic and optimistic that faces all the challenges, potentiate a healthy environment among fellow team.

In a sector where competitiveness is great, João Queirós distinguished by versatility, professional maturity and unrivaled character.

A professional and Human odd that will always be special to me and whose deserved success i hope to follow closely"
Letra ZEN Comunicação

Manuel Nery and Daniel Sá
- Instituto Português de Administração de Marketing - IPAM

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    Instituto Português de Administração de Marketing

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    Geração Marketing by Miguel Rendeiro

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    MBA Madeira

"João was one of the best professionals with whom I had the opportunity to collaborate. Individual with a set of values ​​that are rare to find nowadays. Determined, curious and very helpful. Would be happy to work with him again."

"João has several condiments that make him very special. In addition to the enormous creativity, youth and ability to work is a genuine professional. These characteristics make it very enjoyable and productive to work with someone with these qualities."

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